Salt Cellars with Porcelain Spoon

Salt Cellars with Porcelain Spoon


Fleur de Sel. Paper thin crystals are collected by hand from the surfaces of salt ponds in France. Fleur de Sel is too delicate to be used during cooking; the crystals are too large for any ordinary salt shaker. The gourmet of salt, Fleur de Sel is added at the end of cooking or at the table for a naturally moist, crisp finish for any dish from fish, vegetables, salads to desert. The caviar of salt requires its own special serving piece. Use it everyday to elevate the ordinary.

Approximate size 3.5’x2.5”x1”

Food and Dishwasher safe glazes.

Due to the handcrafted nature of this product, color, size and texture will vary. No two products are ever identical. 

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