Ruth Ballou

Ruth Ballou, a native Charlestonian, received her MFA in ceramics from Antioch College and continued her education with specialized intensive workshops in wood firing and paper clay porcelain. She has pursued artistic development through international conferences in ceramics and personal study of glaze formulation. She currently maintains a studio at her home and is also a member of Cone 10 Studios where she teaches throwing and design.

Rena Lasch

Rena Lasch has always been involved in the arts, interested in nature and looking for something new to learn. She prefers working in three dimensions, whether that is in the form of landscape design or sculpture. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from California Polytechnic University, Pomona CA which included an intensive study of European and Japanese garden design.  She has formal training in figurative and portrait sculpture from the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts. Most recently she has resumed her work in clay and continues her practice in landscape design.


We began working together in 2014, each bringing our previous experiences with functional ceramics and sculpture to the collaboration and are endlessly fascinated by the possibilities and delightfully unpredictable results of both our collaboration with each other and the porcelain clay. In the process, the work has developed along an exciting path that we never could have predicted at the outset. The collaboration extends through the work, to the flowers or other objects they might contain, unifying a dichotomy into a fluid whole. Porcelain’s unique working properties make it possible to transform the subtle texture in the soft clay into fired translucency, thus infusing the custom glazes with an inner light. We want this elegant utilitarian work to provide an oasis of playful beauty in the modern world.